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How Do You Handle Major Cancellations

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When you have over 50 flights cancelled, how do you know which pairings require attention first? Wouldn’t it be great if you knew at the click of a button what cancellations were the priority. ELP has the tool you need!


“The Canceled Flights Report has been a great addition to our suite of tools from ELP. We use this report to ensure cancellations are processed timely and also use it to communicate within our organization via an HTML version of the report published to our website. In the OCC, the report gives us the amount of time that has elapsed since the cancellation entered CrewTrac which gives us an additional tool for prioritizing cancellation processing.” 

Endeavor Air; Andrew Splittstoesser,
Manager, Crew Scheduling Procedures and Compliance

As you recover and evaluate in the aftermath of the recent Irregular Ops ….consider how some of ELP’s suite of products can help you with your pain points

  • Increased Communications

  • Prioritize cancellations and modifications​

  • What-If Legality predictions

  • Minimize non-critical phone calls

  • Mobile App communication

  • Locate Reserves quickly

  • Custom Software

  • Locate Junior Man Potential quickly

  • See your whole operation in one screen

  • Managem​​​​​ent Mobile App Updates

  • Custom Software


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