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Irregular Operations

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No one is immune to the chaos created by bad weather, power outages, etc. ELP can’t stop the chaos but here are some tips that may help you control the chaos instead of the chaos controlling you.

The first tip is to relieve your Crew Scheduler’s from non-critical communications with crewmembers.  By relieving this burden the Scheduler’s are freed up to modify trips and replace crewmembers in a timely manner. The second tip is to identify which pairings/trips need modification in the order of priority.  This allows the scheduler’s to deal with the most immediate flights first. ELP has tools that can help with every part of the Irregular Operations chaos. We have tools that can lower the need for non-critical communications with the crewmembers:

  • Through the ELP Notify tool, all the pending notifications in your Scheduling System’s database are identified and will notify crewmembers via Mobile App, E-mail, Text, and/or Voice.  Thousands of notifications are sent within minutes reducing phone calls to and from Scheduling

  • ELP Check-In has the ability for the crews to check-in through the mobile app, eliminating non-critical communication with crews

  • ELP Mobile Apps enable the crewmembers to see their schedules in calendar format and/or their 117 limits for the day, eliminating non-critical communication with crews

We also have tools to help identify the flights and pairings that need modification in the order of priority, as well as the ability to enter ground delays for specific airports to determine which flights will be affected by the delay.  These tools enable Scheduling to know where their attention is needed first and how best to prioritize their time.

  • Cancelled Flights in Pairings

  • 117 What If Senarios

We also have 117 statistical dashboards, which enable management to asses the aftermath and see how the irregular operations affected the planned schedule.


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