At ELP Aviation we understand that airlines have a multitude of needs. We strive to ensure our software is custom made to suit our clients needs and ensure that the software they use is exactly as desired. Scroll down to see some of our solutions!







Dashboards are web-based products that tap directly in to your operational systems offering a one-screen real-time view of all of the items requiring monitoring. We can offer a customized dashboard for any of your departments.Existing Crew Tracking, Crew Qualifications, and Flight Ops Software does not display all pertinent information on a single page. This results in crew schedulers and training staff constantly monitoring daily crew activities, qualifications, training and document expiration, as well as printing a separate report for each activity. The same tasks must be repeated multiple times throughout the shift with significant yearly costs in terms of manpower, materials & capital, not to mention the loss of revenue as flights must be delayed or canceled due to inefficient crew modifications.

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Irregular Ops

No one is immune to the chaos created by extreme weather conditions, power outages, air traffic congestion, maintenance issues, etc. Irregular operations can damage an airline’s reputation, generate unexpected costs, and lost revenue. The key to minimizing those losses is to maintain as much control as possible while quickly restoring the operation to normal services.ELP can’t stop the chaos, but as experts in irregular operations, we have developed a suite of tools all designed to improve the processes during IROPS facilitating a smoother and faster transition to normal operations.

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Legality Tools

Our Legality Tools are not just reporting tools they are Predictive Modeling Tools. Our suite of tools are designed to not just alert you when your crews become illegal, but warn you ahead of time so you can solve critical issues before it’s too late. These very powerful tools give the carrier the ability to closely monitor all activities for legality purposes and quality of life for the crew members.Our customers have saved many delays and many potential disclosures to the FAA by using this predictive modeling software.

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Communication Tools

Information is key to a smooth operation, especially on those days when the world seems to be falling around you. ELP’s aviation experts have designed tools with the sole purpose of closing the communication gap between operations and crew members, between internal departments, between mainline and regional carriers, and between sister carriers.Increasing communications with crew members is key to minimizing delays, cancellations, and other mission critical issues that can cost the carrier millions. Our communications tools are designed to relieve your Crew Scheduler’s from non-critical communications with crew members. Relieving this burden will free up the Scheduler’s to modify trips and replace crew members in a timely manner.

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Crew Payroll Tools

ELP has a suite of payroll products that has proven more successful, faster, and a more cost effective implementation process compared to other systems.We spend time getting to know your company and the policies and procedures you use. We personally come on-site to spec your pay rules and learn about your processes enabling us to identify legacy rules that may not be spelled out clearly in the contract.

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Crew Resources Tools

Carriers often need tools to manage crew member’s human resources related activities, such as, general reliability, impact of sick events, seniority changes, and FMLA approval. ELP has a variety of existing tools to manage these tedious and labor intensive tasks. ELP also has a variety of apps that can be used to provide information to crews and minimize non-critical communication with Crew Scheduling.Union contracts often require the various departments to painfully gather information to make determinations.  ELP can create custom tools to assist in this process saving the Carrier millions of dollars in manpower and grievance settlements.

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Reporting Tools

Typical operations software systems are set up for generalized needs, which leaves airlines to use excel and other manual methods to produce the required information. All of our reporting tools have customized filtering, allowing you to determine what information you want to see, and removing all of the unwanted data that gets in the way.

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Migrating Software

Many of you might be switching software systems or doing major upgrades to your current systems in the next two or three years. This change can elicit fear and uncertainty. ELP can help with all stages of the process.  ELP can provide short-term solutions to solve critical issues now, while aiding in the migration process.  As you plan this daunting task, remember ELP’s products are built with adaptability and can be fitted to your new systems or we can create custom products that will provide for the missing pieces.

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Consulting Services

Do you need someone that has the expertise in all departments as well as software capabilities? We can help you find places where you can automate manual processes, which will minimize human error, increase productivity, and help you grow without needing to add more man-power.We can make suggestions and implement new policies to help your operation run smoother and lower costs. We can suggest or create software products that will solve your operational headaches. We have Sabre key user expertise in most systems and can help you unlock the systems full capabilities.

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Custom Software Solutions

ELP Aviation, Inc. builds custom airline software solutions, not available elsewhere. Our solutions are designed to interface with existing crew management software (ex. Sabre, Lufthansa Systems, AIMES, and in-house developed crew management systems), but can be used as stand-alone systems when needed. ELP’s airline expertise, legacy database knowledge, and software development innovation makes us stand out from other software companies and airline software vendors.  We have the unique ability to create tools that do not currently exist in the marketplace that can seamlessly integrate with your current systems. We purposely design our software to have the foundation and stability of shelf-products, but with the flexibility to alter the logic and add functionality as the carriers’ needs vary. A statistical analysis dashboard can be customized to display all of the past actual data, as well as upcoming scheduled data in custom graphs. You choose the time span (week, month, or quarter) and the software produces 117 duty, flight, and rest charts that show you how your operation fared against what the planning department produced.

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At ELP Aviation we know choosing the right programs, apps and software is critical to the smooth functioning of your airline. If you didn’t find what you’re looking for we can create it. We take the time to listen to our customers needs, in doing so we are able to customize products specifically to meet our clients needs. Interested? Contact Us today to see how ELP can help!

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