Carrier's often need tools to manage crew member's human resources related activities, such as, general reliability, impact of sick events, seniority changes, and FMLA approval.
ELP has a variety of existing tools to manage these tedious and labor intensive tasks.

Often a Carrier's union contract requires the various departments to painfully gather information to make determinations. ELP can create custom tools to assist in this process saving the Carrier millions of dollars in manpower and grievance settlements.






Reliability Report

This tracking software is an ideal way to manage your crews’ absenteeism, without all the manual labor. When deployed it has proven to reduce absenteeism, and provide sufficient proof for taking disciplinary action for your offenders.The Reliability Tool works on a point system, applying point values to specific sick events.

 The software looks at real-time data in your Scheduling system and reads the appropriate activities for a rolling 365 days.  When a sick event occurs the crew member receives an email the next day showing their point balance for quarter and year. Since the crew member can visually see the impact of their sick call, this acts as a deterrent for future events.

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Seniority Tool

Tracking crew member seniority is a significant and complex issue. Existing seniority tracking systems can be slow, archaic, and lack accuracy. The ELP Seniority Tool is a custom built module, that pulls information from your scheduling system with seniority calculations completed within the ELP module outside of your existing tracking system.

This tool includes the capability to reshuffle and sort based on equipment, base, and seat seniority. The Seniority tool is recalculated daily, keeping crew seniority up-to-date, with more accuracy and no extra labor cost for tracking.

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FMLA Calculator

This tool can tell you if your crew member is eligible for FMLA leave. By entering the employee number and date range the software can look up and calculate if the crew member has enough hours logged to qualify for FMLA leave, saving you hours of digging through your crew scheduling software and calculating how much they worked.

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Sick and Vacation Banks

​​ELP can create a fully custom program to track your sick and vacation values for your crews. The program can tap into your scheduling system, but store all of the values separately so you can do as you wish with them. Automatic Email or ELP Apps is a perfect way to keep everyone informed.

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Crew Sick Tool

This tool tracks crew sick time using the data directly from your scheduling software.  It provides the company detailed information on the loss of productivity, in credit hours, due to sick events.  Unlike the Reliability Tool, this sick tool is for management to recognize how sick events impact their operation. This tool has proven to reduce your sick calls by empowering you with the knowledge of your sick trends, offenders, and impact.

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At ELP Aviation we know choosing the right programs, apps and software is critical to the smooth functioning of your airline. ELP also has a variety of apps that can be used to provide information to crews and minimize non-critical communication with Crew Scheduling. We take the time to listen to our customers needs, in doing so we are able to customize products specifically to meet our clients needs. If you didn’t find the information you were looking for please click the button below to contact us today!

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