Every carrier has a different set of software needs depending on their policies, union contracts, and geographic locations. Unfortunately, most of the airline vendors create a core software that is not able to sustain much variation. The software is built to serve the needs of many, and not those of the individual carriers. Any customization requests are either impossible, extremely costly, and/or have an unreasonable timeline. This requires the carrier to perform manual work-arounds, which are inefficient, riddled with errors, and extremely costly.


Custom software enables the carrier to have the exact tools and solutions that fit the individual needs of each carrier and department.  With custom crew management software, minimal procedural changes are required, and most manual processes can be replaced by a more efficient and cost-effective automated solution.  Software can be built to integrate with your current systems as well as work as a stand-alone solution based on the carrier’s needs.  Instead of spending a ton of time and money on a shelf product that only has a portion of the functionality you need, custom software can lower your cost as you are paying for only the functionality you want, not for what some programmer thinks you should need.


Customization and custom software does not only mean large stand-alone products.  Custom software and customization can come in many forms, from minor customization and large-scale custom functionality in existing ELP products, to middle-ware software that interfaces with the carrier’s existing tools (ie., Sabre, Lufthansa Systems, AIMS, and any in-house legacy system) and large-scale solutions that don’t currently exist in the marketplace.


ELP Aviation, Inc. builds custom airline software solutions, not available elsewhere. Our solutions are designed to interface with existing crew management software (ex. Sabre, Lufthansa Systems, AIMS, Merlot and in-house developed crew management systems), but can be used as stand-alone systems when needed.

ELP’s airline expertise, legacy database knowledge, and software development innovation makes us stand out from other software companies and airline software vendors.  We have the unique ability to create tools that do not currently exist in the marketplace that can seamlessly integrate with your current systems.

All of ELP’s products and solutions are custom-fitted to your operation.  We custom make our products to fit your way of doing business, you won’t have to change the way you do business in order to use our products. We never suggest a one size fits all solution for your requirements.  If one of our products does not have the functionality you need, we can create it.

We purposely design our software to have the foundation and stability of shelf-products, but with the flexibility to alter the logic and add functionality as the carriers’ needs vary. We spend time getting to know your company and the policies and procedures you use. With our airline expertise we can make suggestions on how to solve your problems for the highest return on investment.

ELP Aviation, has a proven record of architecting, producing, and implementing custom software tools that increase productivity, improve communications between the airline & crews, reduce manual errors, and streamline the crew management processes, saving our customers millions of dollars as well as improving on-time arrivals by eliminating many crew related issues.

Our solutions fill-in the areas not accommodated by the current systems.  We create tools to fit your exact needs. No matter how big or small the need we can spec, plan, and implement a new product in an efficient manner with an ROI positive cost.

If you are the first to order a custom product that can be beneficial to other carriers, then you will be considered a Launch customer for that product and receive additional functionality for free, as well as substantial discounts.

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