No one is immune to the chaos created by extreme weather conditions, power outages, air traffic congestion, maintenance issues, etc. Irregular operations can damage an airline’s reputation, generate unexpected costs, and lost revenue. The key to minimizing those losses is to maintain as much control as possible while quickly restoring the operation to normal services.

ELP can’t stop the chaos, but as experts in irregular operations, we have developed a suite of tools all designed to improve the processes during IROPS facilitating a smoother and faster transition to normal operations.

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Relieve your Crew Scheduler’s from non-critical communications with crew members. Relieving this burden will free up the scheduler’s to modify trips and replace crew members in a timely manner.


ELP Notify

During irregular operations, ELP Notify becomes an invaluable tool, as it streamlines the notification process and automatically prioritizes notifications based on date/time/location. Therefore, the most critical notifications are assured to be processed. Thousands of notifications can be sent instantly, which is essential when hundreds of flights are cancelled or delayed.

Crews are able to view important communications and interact with scheduling for multiple areas without having to make a single phone call. This relieves schedulers and enables them to perform modifications in a quick and efficient manner minimizing the impact of the irregular operations.

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ELP Check-In

During Irregular Operations schedulers are struggling to deal with delays, cancellations, re-routing, and legality issues. They certainly don’t have time to field phone calls from crew members who need to check-in.​​ ELP Check-In can help reduce phone calls, relieving scheduling so they can concentrate on modifying trips and replacing crews.

ELP Check-In is a fully automated software that enables your crews to check-in through a mobile app. The software would allow crews to check-in through the app eliminating the need for phone calls to Crew Scheduling. Once the crew member has checked-in, the software may update your scheduling system automatically or track historical data in a separate database, depending on the needs of the carrier. The software can be added as a module on to ELP Notify or as a stand alone product that runs through a secured website. Geo-tracking is available, where the carrier determines the vicinity to the airport the crew member must be in order to check-in.

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ELP Mobile Apps

In this new world of phone apps, ELP provides you the ability to view and use many of our products through our custom Apps. Let us build you that app portal to communicate with your crews or management. During Irregular Operations reducing as much non-critical communications as possible can help minimize the affects of IROPS and aid in restoring normal operations as quickly as possible.

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Identify which pairings/trips need modification in the order of priority allowing the scheduler’s to deal with the most immediate flights first.


Cancelled Flights Tool

ELP now offers a tool that looks at the flights that were cancelled and still exist in active pairings and lists them in the order needed to repair the pairings in the proper order of importance.  The tool also shows how long the cancelled flight has been in the active pairing and when the pairing was repaired.

On days where you have more chaos than you can handle this tool is invaluable. When you have hundreds of flights cancelling at once typically your legacy software does not offer an order of priority. As a result you are losing valuable time by addressing flights that are not a priority over flights that need immediate attention.Addressing cancelled flights in order of priority can free up crew members quickly and minimize the impact of the irregular operations, saving you time and money.

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ELP 117 - 3.0 - ``What if`` Scenarios

ELP 117-3.0 Version of our Legality tools is a web-based front-end with “What If” capabilities.  With this version you have the ability to enter ground delays for specific airports at specific times, outside of your legacy software, to identify how many and which flights and crews will be affected by the irregular operations.

This is a valuable tool that enables schedulers to get ahead of the IROPS and have a plan in place ahead of the critical issues.  This tool has proven to reduce the IROPS impact, and gives scheduling the opportunity to deal with critical delays and cancellations in a more timely manner.

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ELP 121 - ``What if`` Scenarios

This version of 121 legality tools is a predictive modeling tool designed to give scheduling a heads up on areas related to the 121 Regs for FA and Cargo Carriers, such as 24/7 rest, min rest at end of a duty period, max duty periods, minimum connections producing possible delays.

Our Predictive Modeling Tool gives your schedulers time to solve critical issues before it’s too late. This tool enables schedulers to enter ground delays outside of your legacy system, to identify critical issues before it is too late.  This can minimize delays and cancellations as schedulers have the ability to be proactive in planning for IROPS.

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Find replacement crew members quickly for the flights impacted by cancellations or delays. This minimizes the length and impact of the IROPS.


Reserve Assign Tool

ELP created a tool that looks at all open time 7 days in the future, and pairs them with the most optimum reserve crewmember. If an appropriate reserve crew is unavailable, then the tool flags the pairing. Enabling you to predict what trips will be left in open time, and prioritizes the uncovered trips for crew scheduling to focus on.

The tool will supply totals for a larger overview of the open time vs reserve crews status for the next 7 days, accurately predicting if you have enough crew on reserve to cover open time. It auto-assigns the proper reserve crews to the trips in open time, and identifies the number of trips remaining in after all appropriate reserves are assigned.

•Crew Planning can use this tool to improve the efficiency of future planning and improve crew utilization. This tool will supply the number of reserve crews and how many will be utilized, which will give planning a net left-over amount.
•Crew Scheduling needs to assign reserve crewmembers to open time in the most optimum way. This tool auto-assigns reserves based on the appropriate FARs and company rules.
• ELPs CrewPortal can be used in combination to advertise any trips that do not have a potential crew or are left-over after all reserves are auto-assigned. The crewmembers will be able to use the ELP CrewPortal to request the open trips.

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Junior Man Tool

During Irregular Operations there comes a time when you are out of options for replacing crew members and Junior Manning becomes a necessity. However, with the existing tools available through your scheduling software, a scheduler needs to be a mixture of a detective and magician to come up with your JRA list that follows the rules of your contracts.

ELP created a tool that by-passes all the crazy manual work that is required for junior manning. Through our tool you enter the information for the trip you want to assign, and the software will provide you a list of crews who fit the trip.  It will also show you the ones that don’t fit but are real close. All legalities are taken into account and the software will even show you how close the crew members are to the 117 legalities on a day by day basis for the trip you are assigning.This tool enables replacement crew members to be identified quickly so the replacement process can be accomplished in a much quicker, efficient manner, saving the carrier money as the IROPS impact is minimized.

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Reserve Tool

During Irregular Operations, finding replacement crew members in an efficient and quick manner can minimize the number of cancellations and delays, saving the carrier money in lost revenue.  However, the majority of the Legacy Systems do not offer a prioritized reserve list. 

This results in the Crew Scheduling staff doing costly, time consuming research on which crew member to contact first when there is open time.  During Irregular Operations reducing this research time can be critical to minimizing the impact of IROPS. The ELP Reserve Tool creates a fully customized reserve grid that shows you the big picture as far as how many reserves you have every day, how long they are on reserve, and for what periods. The software compares your reserves against your trips in open time and shows you where your deficiencies are. This completely customized software has drill-down capabilities, which provides full detail on the numbers. This software can provide a daily, real-time, reserve priority list, including names and order of notification to keep the airline running smoothly during normal operations, and is invaluable during IROPS.

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Open Time Tool

The ELP Open Time tool can be used to calculate which crew members are available & legal for specific trips outside of the Scheduling Software. The carrier can advertise the open trips on the Open Time App, and the crews can respond directly to the carrier, if interested, all without the need for any direct phone calls.

Through the app, the crew can accept a trip, and is informed automatically of the award, saving the company many hours in researching who to assign.

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At ELP Aviation we know choosing the right programs, apps and software is critical to the smooth functioning of your airline. Our team has been through the IROPS battlefield and we know firsthand the struggles.  We created this suite to help maintain control during uncontrollable situations.  If you didn’t find what you’re looking for we can create it. We take the time to listen to our customers needs, in doing so we are able to customize products specifically to meet our clients needs. If you didn’t find the information you were looking for please click the button below to contact us today!

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