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Monitoring crew legalities is the primary role of the scheduling department. However, monitoring is not enough. Knowing that a crew member has gone illegal when it is too late to solve critical issues has an adverse affect on the carrier’s revenue and reputation, and often causing FAA disclosures and fines.

During the day-day, the Operations Department must make moment-by-moment decisions as flights and crews are affected by weather, sick calls, airport delays, mechanical delays, etc. Typically those decisions are made without being able to anticipate the outcome.

Typically Schedulers are tasked with a reactive role to crew changes, instead of being able to be proactive and plan ahead for a potential legality issues related to delays or cancellations.


With “What If…” capabilities our legality tools can now be used as predictive modeling tools. ELP’s Predictive Modeling Tools are designed to give your Schedulers time to solve critical issues before it’s too late.

Our tools provide crews, management, and schedulers increased visibility of legality limits through our 117 Notify App, Dashboards, ACARS, and Predictive Modeling Web-based Tools. Increased visibility by crew members, means they are always aware of their limits, which helps avoid illegal departures.


With the ELP Aviation Legality Suite you get access to a multitude of different Apps and resources custom designed and optimized for your Airline.  Every carrier has a legality tool of some sort. However, most legacy software approaches legalities as a reporting tool. ELP offers a full suite of legality tools and peripherals that serve to ease the burden of the Scheduling Dept and provides schedulers, management, and the crew with the ability to foresee and solve critical issues ahead of potential delays or cancellations. ELP’s Legality Suite Includes: Web-based 117/121/135 – 3.0 Predictive Modeling Tool​, 117 ACARS, Mobile Limit Notifications App, Dashboards, Statistical Analysis – Planning, FAA Duty Extensions Monitoring Tool, Late Report Crews Monitoring Tool, Short Connections Monitoring Tools, Historical Tracking Tools.

117/121/135 3.0 Predictive Modeling Tools

Our 117/121/135 predictive modeling tools have valuable “What If” capabilities. This enables the user to enter a specific scenario without going into the carrier’s Crew Scheduling System. For example, “What If” a specific airport shuts down for 2 hours, ELP’s “What If” tool can calculate the number of crews affected by the shut down. For our customers who already own the 117 Predictive Modeling Tool – you now have an option to purchase the 117 3.0 browser based front-end that displays information on a flight by flight basis instead of a whole FDP. You can enter ground delays for certain airports during certain times and see how every flight impacted is affected.

Our legality tools are displayed through your Web browser either hosted or non-hosted solutions. ELP can set up with selective viewing only by approved airline personnel. Information may be displayed, sorted & filtered with unlimited options. 117-3.0 tracks Ground & Taxi delay FDP Impact, flight-by-flight legality limit information, and 121 Regs for FA and Cargo Carriers, such as 24/7 rest, min rest at end of a duty period, max duty periods, minimum connections producing possible delays.

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Our legality tools can be viewed in graphical form with drill-down capability on our Dashboards. Everything can be customized based on your company rules or unique needs.  You can choose the format, all colors, and buffers based on how you do business.  

A statistical analysis dashboard can be customized to display all of the past actual data, as well as upcoming scheduled data in custom graphs. You choose the time span (week, month, or quarter) and the software produces 117 duty, flight, and rest charts that show you how your operation fared against what the planning department produced. All of our graphs are fully customized and will show exactly what you ordered.

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The Pilot 117 ACARS Tool will send your 117 limits to all of your flights via ACARS minutes before departure showing the Captain (CA) and First Officer (FO) limits as they pertain strictly for their flight. The ACARS Tool feeds information to the crews when they initialize the flight. This is the perfect way for crews to stay on top of their legality limits without calling scheduling.  ARINC and SITA are both familiar with our products and can assist with the setup.

117 Limits Apps

ELP Notify 117 Limits app provides pilots an efficient method of checking their limits on duty days.​  This app ensures pilots are always aware of their limits, which helps avoid illegal departures. This app increases communications with Scheduling while removing the burden of phone calls to Scheduling.

Late Extensions Report

This tool will provide the extensions that were applied  to the FDP for each crew member and show the reasons. This is the report that the FAA requires per 117 Regulations. Its extremely accurate and no cleanup work is needed. Just run and print – or schedule to run on a timer by itself. The report can be emailed to you or directly to the FAA.

Monitoring Tools

Through an added column on your 117/121/135 Summary Reports and a buffer that you fully control, the Short Connections tool will display all crews that have shorter connections than your buffer allows. The tool will display the length of the connection in minutes, as well as details on the arrival and departure flights creating the long connection. This feature can be fully customized to ignore scenarios where you wish to disregard connection times.

Through an added column on your 117/121/135 Summary Reports and a buffer that you fully control, The Late Report tool will display all crews where the first flight of their FDP is delayed longer than your buffer allows. This will show situations where your Duty limits can be caught ahead of time and adjusted. The late report crews will disappear when it comes close to report time as to always show the valid ones.

We take pride in our products seamless integration with one another and encourage you to get in touch with us first if you need any additional functionality or services!

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